About Us

A team of professional photographers & cinematographers specialised in fine art wedding photography dedicated to preserve your fond memories for eternity.


Well I’d like to start this off as an imaginary conversation I’d have with my lovely clients! If you were to ask about AGANI, I’d simply start off saying that me and my crew have all achieved success in different career paths. Even while being a Civil Engineer, my heart would always take me to photography and it’s many amazing genres. As the founder of AGANI I would proudly say that I came from a background that had immense skill set in capturing unforgettable memories by preserving them for generations. My beloved grandparents started off with a camera obscura or a pinhole camera capturing all the memorable events during their time. At that time they were well known photographers or rather a famous studio going by the name of my mother. Since I was a kid, I have always fiddled with all sorts of cameras. As a young boy child, I was a part of the Ananda College Photography Society and currently while my parents manage our Studio at Kaduwela I have commenced my career in photography with great passion and knowledge coming down from generations. So I’d rather say so proudly yet humbly that my career in photography had a strong foundation all along.

Enough about history….

Why choose AGANI? Well, we strive to capture the best moments of every wonderful event that comes across AGANI. Our desire is to achieve complete satisfaction of our clients by providing them with an unforgettable service. It’s always wonderful to witness the beginning of a new bond, the happiness of a loving couple, heartfelt blessings of their beloved families, the excitement of their relations, the laughter seen in friends meeting each other maybe after years, the smell of lovely food, the vibrance of colours created by decorations, the sound of a band entertaining the crowd and all the mesmerizing moments, captured in time to be preserved for future reminiscence.

So make us part of your loving journey and AGANI will make sure to take you down the memory lane forever.